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Play with your feet as a stomp box, or with your hands as a box drum.


Why settle for one sound when the Vbox’s innovative design gives you a variety of tones based on where you play it. Two separate chambers give you a kick and a snare  sound.

Very Cool

You’ll be amazed at the deep low end and love the look. Comes with padded case.

Audio Samples


I did a lot of research into possibilities. I knew I wanted hand percussion as well as foot (drum), with a variety of sounds. I settled on the VBox and I am glad I did. As a stomp box (really a tap box, as it takes a light touch) it gets a good variety of sounds when plugged in to an amp or PA

… I am amazed at the variety of sounds I get. It’s awesome with my washboard, and even plugged in it gives a true acoustic foot stomp sound, excellent for fingerstyle blues guitar.

Unplugged, it is much quieter of course, but fine for one person playing guitar and singing.

And the real bonus is that it works as a hand drum, replacing my laptop cajon. I usually flip it over to the birch side as I prefer the brighter dry sound for hand percussion. It sounds like a good set of congas or bongos.

Comes with a nice case. Highly recommended!

Susan Hinojoza

4.0 out of 5 starsMulti-functional wonder!

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